Monday, February 24, 2020 - 5:00pm
Nominations for the LPIRG Board of Directors are open Febuary 3rd and will close 5pm on February 24th. 
Nomination forms can be picked up at the LPIRG office, or by emailing
Mission Statement
LPIRG is a student-funded, student-directed, non-profit organization providing resources for students and community members to engage with environmental and social justice issue   LPIRG embraces plurality and participation, and encourages students to critically evaluate the institutions and systems in which they take part. LPIRG assists students in translating their knowledge through research, education, and action to serve public interest.
Board of Directors
Expectations for Board Members
1. Represent unconflicted loyalty to the interests of LPIRG and its members.
2. Avoid conflict of interest with respect to fiduciary responsibility. Fiduciary responsibility relates to holding a position of trust which requires an LPIRG Board member to act honestly, in good faith and in the best interests of the organization.
3. No Board member may exercise individual authority over staff or the society.
4. Deal with outside organizations or individuals, clients and staff, and with each other in a manner reflecting fair play, ethics and direct communication.
5. Help maintain friendly, positive working relationships with Board, staff and other volunteers.
6. Keep Board matters and issues discussed at meetings strictly confidential; never repeat any of this to family members or friends outside the organization.
7. Speak positively of the organization to the public.
Responsibilities of Individual Board Members
1. Know and support LPIRG’s mission statement.
2. Attend all board meetings and assigned committee meetings.
3. Read pre-meeting material before each meeting.
4. Be familiar with LPIRG’s policies.
5. Be familiar with the minutes of the board and committees that you are appointed to.
6. Know the functions of the board and its committees.
7. Know who is authorized to sign cheques.
8. Monitor the community’s response to LPIRG’s programs and services.
9. Participate in approving the annual budget, annual financial report, and periodic financial statements.
Responsibilities of the Board
1. Give the required notice for the Annual General Meeting
2. Notify the membership of any proposed bylaw changes.
3. Complete the annual incorporation filing requirements.
4. Review policies annually.
5. Maintain staff contracts.
6. Evaluate the staff.
7. Ensure that the membership has approved the annual financial statements.
8. Ensure that the board has purchased adequate insurance.
9. Ensure that committee reports are submitted in writing.
10. Ensure that board members have written job descriptions.
The Board of Directors will be elected pursanent to Bylaw 4a:
Bylaw 4 – Board of Directors
3. Terms of Office
a. Voting Directors
i. The term of office for Voting Board members shall normally be one (1) year – May 1 – April 30. The new Board shall take office on May 1st.
ii. Previous Voting Board Members shall retire upon entry of the new Voting Board Members into office.
iii. Voting Board Members shall not serve more than four (4) terms consecutively.
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