Once again Robbins, author of Diet for a New America (Stillpoint, 1987), gently nudges us into an awareness of the wasteful and unhealthy consequences of the consumption of animal products. Synthesizing a large body of social, ecological, economic, and nutritional information into a compact guide to vegetarianism, he establishes a direct relationship between the demand for meat, eggs, and dairy products and the increase in world hunger. He then debunks the many nutritional myths about vegetarianism, stresses its health benefits, and exposes the commercial interests that shape our eating habits. Finally, he provides us with a wide range of vegan recipes developed by Jia Patton and some of the nation's best vegetarian restaurants, as well as brief information on choosing where to shop and concise descriptions of commonly used whole foods. With its social, philosophical and spiritual orientation balanced by its wealth of practical detail and scientific documentation, Robbins's book is sure to be popular in health-conscious communities.
- Linda Chopra, Cleveland Heights-University Heights P.L., Ohio