Thank you for taking the time to support our request for the Government of Alberta to ban conversion therapy. When you sign this letter (by filling in your name, email address, and city of residence) the letter is automatically sent to our Premier and the Ministries that this effects, as well as our local MLAs. The letter is a basic template- you are free to edit, add to, or completely rewrite the letter you send. Please add your feelings, experiences, and stories. We are hopeful that with enough support a member of the legislative assembly will chose to present this as a private members bill. Should we end up presenting our own bill we will also be required to submit handwritten signatures on a formal petition. If you see the formal petition- please sign it as well. And if you would like to pass around formal petitions yourself please contact
And while the Alberta government does not technically accept digital petitions and signatures there is still value in these letters as a show of public support in our action to ban conversion therapy in Alberta. Thank you for taking the time to support our LGBTQIA community. Together we can create change for our community and our province.